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Printing workshop

We are a printing house specialized in printing envelopes, prestigious business cards, packaging, and tags refined with hot-stamping or embossing.  We implement prestigious projects for demanding customers, and we make every effort to ensure that the final effect exceeds their expectations. 

Koperty firmowe, koperty z nadrukiem

Our  process

We watch over the production process from the beginning to the end. The devil is in the details, so we make sure that the projects for our clients are refined in the smallest things. We make prints on professional machines and by hand, and each one is treated individually. That is why our projects are prepared with such care.

Mikeprint, matryce, tłoczenie i hot-stamping

Specialized Technology

Our special machines for printing envelopes, embossing, and hot-stamping have no secrets for us.

Mikeprint, koperty firmowe z nadrukiem

& Know-How

Thanks to our experience, we flawlessly select the right materials or technology that will work best in the selected project.

& Support

We help our clients find the perfect solution, so that they distinguish their brand and fully reflect its character. 

Mikeprint, druk offsetowy

& Refinement

Years of practice and continuous improvement of the printing process each time result in an impeccable result. 

Mikeprint, opakowania, hot-stamping

Our quality guarantee

Printing and its refinement are our passion. We are friendly with papers and colors, and we know the technology and the entire printing process inside out. As our work gives us pleasure and satisfaction, we do everything to ensure that our clients are as satisfied with its results as we are.  

The workshop nature of our work guarantees​ an individual approach to each project. The space for conversation and consulting is key to understanding and then successfully responding to clients' business needs.

Do you need outstanding envelopes for your business?
We will help you make them. 

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