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Printing refinement

We add unique character and elegance to our prints thanks to the hot-stamping method. In this technique, we use specialized machines and printing foils, available in a wide range of colors, also metalized and holographic. The method involves precisely pressing the foil to the paper with a heated matrix and using the appropriate pressure. The matrix reproduces the shape of the design, ensuring very high accuracy and emphasizing the character and high quality of design.  

Another method that we enrich projects with is letterpress. We especially appreciate it because it is an ecological alternative to printing. Using the metal matrix, we obtain a very elegant, three-dimensional embossing perfectly felt under the fingers and delighting with delicate chiaroscuro. For the expected result, we use the appropriate type of paper, e.g. cotton or decorative paper, with a well-marked texture. By skillfully adjusting the pressure of the matrix, we obtain a more or less convex embossing to achieve the best result for the selected project.

Do you need outstanding envelopes for your business?  We will help you make them. 

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